Alexander N. H. Brade

Designer, Berlin

Hey team, I'm Zander.

I'm a human man that works at a company called 6Wunderkinder where we make an app called Wunderlist—you may have heard of it. I'm a product of England and I'm struggling to find something funny to put here.

This is what my face looks like, according to Nicole.

I believe in quality menswear, the city I live in and Kanye.

On any given day I'll put down at least 2 banana smoothies, and I like to write my name with both initials so you can be sure that I really am this pretentious. I'm also currently serving a year-long ban from the world's second largest consumer electronics store for being a bad motherfucker.

"He's a prodigy"

Dominic Davies

"So good looking"

Benedikt Lehnert

"Zandré is the King of Tuna"

Siobhan Brade

"The bestest"

Nicole Vandemosselaer

"He's a dick, asshole and kind of a nice guy"

Joakim Keussen

In the past I've made an ebook about designers, a newsletter for designers and a recipe to the world's greatest tuna cheese sandwiches. I also freelanced for a couple of years with cool ass companies.

Before I die I intend on being knighted, owning a Château in the French countryside and appearing on the cover of Time Magazine. In the next few years I'd like to produce a line of men's shirts, design a book cover and not own a smart watch.

This season I was the top scorer for 6Wunderkinder FC after putting away 23 immaculate goals in the Berlin Startup Liga. Autographs available upon request.

I'm currently unavailable for contract work, but please feel free to send me money anyway.

You look great today, have a lovely .